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  1. Hindus have killed 10 million girls in 20 years
  2. On using the Bible as a claim to God's existence, etc.
  3. Dawkins: "the god dilusion"
  4. Within Reason: The Bible as Philosophical Document and Manifesto [work in prog]
  5. Is masturbation wrong according to the bible?
  6. Does God exist? Yes, or No.
  7. The Holy Scriptures
  8. Hundreds of Proofs of Gods Existence
  9. God and Causation
  10. Question about Proofs of God
  11. Is God testing us?
  12. Free Will Defense - 2 Questions for Christians
  13. What? No Reincarnation in Buddhism?
  14. God neither exists nor doesn't exist
  15. My unHistoric Account of God's Existence
  16. Could the issue of God be irrelevant?
  17. The "realism" of the bible as evidence for it's authenticy.
  18. What is Jesus supposed to save us from?
  19. Sexism in Christianity
  20. Genisis as an Allegory - Split from "What is Jesus supposed to save us from"
  21. JW - Jehovah Witnesses Religion
  22. Do ethics come from religion?
  23. The Holy Trinity
  24. What inspired you to believe in God?
  25. Which sins are atheists guilty of?
  26. Very sensitive subject in the Church world
  27. The Development of Jesus
  28. Science vs God
  29. Touchy, defensive Christians
  30. Divine Inspiration?
  31. What does 'apologetics' mean?
  32. Science Teacher Suspended for Funny Religious Joke
  33. Justification for believing in God
  34. A Question for Batman and Muichimotsu
  35. Church of Christ a cult?
  36. Empirical evidence for the bible
  37. Advaita is utter nonsense
  38. To embrace death...
  39. Which religious tradition do you find persuasive?
  40. God is NOT omnibenevolent
  41. Jesus Christ did not exist in history
  42. "Created in God's image?"
  43. Passover: HaShem'S Harvest
  44. A few things atheists ought to explain:
  45. jesus
  46. God Doesn't Exist.
  47. Can miracles ever be historically verified?
  48. Argument for the existence of spirit
  49. Motivation for fabricating an exodus?
  50. Immaculate Mary
  51. Biblical evidence of Satan the Serpent
  52. So, do you think your a literary scholar?
  53. Have Christians ever been to a magic show?
  54. Dalai Lama. Would you address him as His Holiness, and does he deserve respect?
  55. High Sabbath - Jesus died on a Wednesday
  56. Why is god's existence so complicated?
  57. God Is Us
  58. Beyond God
  59. Is atheism a religion, or even a belief?
  60. The Paradox Of Nothingness And The Case For The New Deism
  61. What religion do you find most plausible?
  62. Contest: $10 if you can define spirituality
  63. Community Reading: Ecclesiastes
  64. Buddhism
  65. So, how does the bible prove God?
  66. Immortality
  67. Why Atheists need Religion more than the Religious
  68. Argument from complexitity - good evidence for God?
  69. Christian Operating System
  70. No record of Plagues - An unnamed Pharoh?
  71. Separation between church and state?
  72. Proof of God's non-existence?
  73. Quotes from the bible
  74. The bible: evidence for God's non-existence
  75. Diversity of "God"
  76. Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian
  77. Made for heaven
  78. i need your opinions on this
  79. a great spiritual teacher!! the joel goldsmith fanclub
  80. Is The Universe Infinite?
  81. God's free will and omnibenevolence
  82. For your consideration
  83. Pascal's Wager
  84. Who's Life is My Life?
  85. Atheism, a religion?
  86. Your thoughts and mine
  87. Zeitgeist - Religion: The Greatest Story Ever Told
  88. Love thy friend as thyself.
  89. Gott Leibniz.
  90. Deism
  91. What to believe?
  92. Omnipotence and Omniscience: An Incompatibility?
  93. Instrumentality of the Individual
  94. "Does God Exist?" vs. "Does Love Exist?"
  95. The killer & the priest
  96. The problems with heaven
  97. Questioning Christianity
  98. Torn between faith and unfaith
  99. Marcus Aurelius and Christianity
  100. Tree of Life
  101. Muhammad
  102. The Paradox Of Nothingness long version
  103. Christian perception of God
  104. A question for theists, although anyone's opinion will be appreciated
  105. The messenger
  106. Buddhism is equaly irrational to any other religion.
  107. Tell me about agnosticism
  108. Where do we start.? I
  109. Did God existed 1 million years old or did we made him up as we evolved in time?
  110. God attribute.
  111. Faith Schools
  112. Thoughts on God
  113. Why does there have to be a 'God?'
  114. My theological beliefs + some social & political beliefs because they're connected
  115. Yet another argument...
  116. "Three-Pronged Kalam Cosmological Argument"
  117. Thou shalt not.......why?
  118. An argument in favour of atheism.
  119. John Locke's Proof
  120. A discussion...
  121. God- a result of human complexity?
  122. Share your favorite proof of God existence, or nonexistence here!
  123. Default Fate
  124. do you believe in an after-life
  125. The Worldview of Atheistic Materialism
  126. A Mathematical Proof of the Nature of God
  127. I am not my soul
  128. Jesus Return
  129. Some truths
  130. to give is to recieve
  131. Everything is Good....
  132. Religion Is Bad!
  133. Which One?
  134. God's infinity. The foundations of Rationality.
  135. Suffering
  136. How many people would be atheists in the West if Christainity never existed?
  137. Quest for the Transcendent
  138. Is scientology a religion?
  139. Share your thoughts!
  140. I believe in God
  141. That feeling when you do something good, is God himself?
  142. Isnt Satan subjective??
  143. harvey1 is Christian??
  144. Things my Pastor told me...
  145. Life isn't real, Hell/Heaven: THE TRUTH!!!
  146. Hell and Heaven are REAL
  147. The one and only TRUE Religion!!
  148. Theory of many heavens
  149. What do you think about future society?
  150. How can the Bible/Scriptures be altered??
  151. What has religion done for us?
  152. Religion V.s. Science
  153. Believer vs. Non-Believer
  154. Exodus—the Worldwide, 21st Century Version
  155. Creating Reality - warning extremely abstract
  156. The infinite upon the immutable
  157. Eternity: The everlasting gaze.
  158. I began to be intersted in Philosophy...
  159. What really pisses me off about theistic logic
  160. Love is not enough.
  161. The impossible God
  162. Here's something to ponder...
  163. The Tree of Woe
  164. Personal God?
  165. The big bang
  166. (un)fulfilled prophecies
  167. The impossible God (remix)
  168. Theological contradictions
  169. question for Lomax
  170. The insight and the catharsis
  171. How Michel Nostradamus stopped the Randi-Dawkins-Myers Corp.