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  1. Is there any such thing as a nation separate from its people?
  2. Is it politically incorrect to...
  3. Poor get $8 for every tax dollar spent, rich get 41 cents
  4. Separation between church and state
  5. don't know whether this is relevant?
  6. utilitarianism
  7. ...Who will you vote for?
  8. compulsory voting
  9. What's your position on gay marriage?
  10. Why do conservatives love guns but hate drugs?
  11. Communism
  12. Chocolate-covered slavery
  13. Tacit and express consent and the generality problem?
  14. On justice.
  15. Democracy vs Oligarchy
  16. Nine eleven.
  17. The Rhinoceros Party
  18. Voting Age
  19. How does advertising affect you as a person?
  20. Who deserves to vote?
  21. Ideologies
  22. Zeitgeist- excellent
  23. What would you do?
  24. Waltzian Realism in International Relations
  25. Who else thinks this guy is fantastic?
  26. White Lying Politicians
  27. Do we need prisons in society?
  28. If you own your life, do you own your mind?
  29. Hollywood Conspiracy
  30. The Role of Government
  31. Science and the political press
  32. Big Brother
  33. Justice in the real world
  34. Should God play a role in America's government?
  35. Enlightment an social web.
  36. Spam, A Rant
  37. So, how would you describe your political philosophy.
  38. Tips
  39. Vote for the priest.
  40. Fascism =/= National Socialism
  41. Natives
  42. Fun free internet game to try out your political philosophy
  43. Please, do not smoke here.
  44. I belive the governmnent tells and shows
  45. Cheques
  46. We have been mislead