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  1. Go ahead, beat your wife!
  2. intent vs. effect what is more evil
  3. Love
  4. Realism vs Antirealism
  5. The Moral Dilemma
  6. Teaching your kids to be racist ethical?
  7. Are qualms against bad language justified?
  8. What would you do?
  9. Is it moral to let people starve and be hungry?
  10. An introder comes into your home...
  11. IF we are willing to kill, we should be willing to torture
  12. Gender/Sexual Orientation Segregation
  13. Scientist Finds the Beginnings of Morality in Primate Behavior
  14. Is it ethical to convince people to not believe in their faith?
  15. Movie 300 - The Spartan practice of eugenic infanticide
  16. How to be better morally equipped: killing animals
  17. Is stealing immoral?
  18. Morality: ennie-minnie-minie-moe
  19. "Why should you care, what drives you to be moral?"
  20. The Ethics of Children/Making Babies?
  21. What is this moral theory?
  22. The value of ettiquette
  23. What should happen to this person?
  24. Egoism + Altruism (As applied to The Fountainhead)
  25. Why do conservatives love guns but hate drugs?
  26. Public kissing isn't allowed in India, is it justified?
  27. The ethics of parrot keeping
  28. My take on ethics.
  29. Internet Forum: a catalyst for change
  30. Procreation is IMMORAL
  31. Can color consciousness create corruption?
  32. Pet Care: Do you have a limit on vet bills?
  33. High School Heroes
  34. Making meaningful connections
  35. no universal ethics
  36. Is It Hypocritical To Be Anti Abortion But Pro Death Penalty
  37. Metaphysical Assumptions
  38. Unconscious thought forms 95% of all thought
  39. Living is a philosophical endeavor
  40. Look, do you have time on YOUR hands
  41. Unethical to be mean to children?
  42. Logical Positivism
  43. Is whether or not you care about something related to the location?
  44. Moral understanding
  45. Walk a mile in Omar's shoes
  46. Humans are artifact adoring artisans
  47. From Deodato, with love.
  48. Is freedom a possibility?
  49. Who is your nominee for wise person?
  50. Creativity and freedom
  51. One great teacher
  52. From Veggies to Meat: Man-Apes become Human
  53. "We've evolved to be creationists"
  54. Who would you blame.
  55. Forum philosofy
  56. PTSD, repression, and "whistling past the graveyard"
  57. Understanding: a way of seeing
  58. Searching for a quote...
  59. Skynet!
  60. anti-procreation (the morality of procreation)
  61. Is Act-Utilitarianism Collectively Self-Defeating?
  62. The Trolley Problem
  63. Milk, parents and Africa.
  64. Ethical Anarchy?
  65. Where does plagiarism end?
  66. Feeding a man a fish
  67. Trivial pursuit and human extinction
  68. Knowledge begets responsibility which begets guilt
  69. The Death Penalty
  70. Be all that you can be
  71. The self is not physical, but symbolic
  72. The leap of faith into absolutes.
  73. When me becomes I
  74. I am interested in disinterested knowledge
  75. Do corporations have any moral responsibility?
  76. Anti-intellectualism inhibits learning
  77. Suicide: Justified?
  78. is the price of male dominance femininity?
  79. modern society damges the soul. Read all about it!
  80. Ethical ideas of Plato and Aristole
  81. Why we cannot be safisfied be moral philosophy
  82. Gay Marriage and Controversy Resolution
  83. Morality & Utilitarianism
  84. On pleasure and pain
  85. Is it ethical to upload the human mind into a computer?
  86. Consent
  87. Individual Privacy Rights
  88. ratings + parental advisory
  89. Eating Meat
  90. Suicide- Human Existence
  91. tree in the forest.
  92. Priorities
  93. Civil Disobedience
  94. Babies' Rights
  95. If God appeared
  96. Should we judge others? Do we judge others?
  97. Reasons for...
  98. Something to do with Ubermensch, I think
  99. The existence of human compassion
  100. You shall not watch.
  101. Reasons for... II
  102. Child Prostitution
  103. Consent-based theories for legitimacy of power
  104. Private or Personal?
  105. past crime
  106. Reasons for... III
  107. Airplanes and ethical dilemmas
  108. Child Prostitution II
  109. Nihilism: Objective morals?
  110. Good when stressed
  111. Splitting human embryos artificially - Identical twins born years apart
  112. Why do people find suffering funny?
  113. Keeping Pets
  114. .:Who wants to HELP me out?:.
  115. If the eye offends....
  116. Should I sell safe shoes?
  117. Emo: the new martyr.
  118. Should we mix cow and human DNA ?
  119. Minimal Happiness vs. Non-Existence
  120. Creating a computerized hell?
  121. Anti Secular-Humanism?
  122. Is happiness caused by reaching a desired for present moment?
  123. Artificial discrimination.
  124. The Harm of Looking
  125. Act Utilitarianism
  126. When is it right to help?
  127. 3 Questions
  128. Long-Distance Ethics
  129. Is justice something you earn or is it something you deserve?
  130. Utilitarian weighting system
  131. Something better than this life
  132. Aesop and other parables
  133. The Ultimate Ethics Site
  134. Gym
  135. Stereotypes.
  136. Rawls, the welfare state, and Utilitarianism