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  1. Which Political Philosophy do you most adhere to?
  2. Purpose of the Universe??
  3. Ever heard of "The Flying Spaghetti Monster?"
  4. Is there a philosophical term for lack of belief in other minds?
  5. Did Aristotle support intelligent design?
  6. Lol, this is funny
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  8. Funny pictures; ethical?
  9. What is philosophy?
  10. A new realm seperate from mind and body?
  11. Determinism and Free Will
  12. randomness and free will
  13. Not God, but the Universe.
  14. Volition verses Involution
  15. Means to an end...
  16. Pure Objectivity Is a Myth
  17. Response to Matthew Perry's "Human, all too human"
  18. "The Universe Does Not Exist" Comment Thread
  19. Life is not a physical phenomenon
  20. 7 Whats going on?
  21. W00t! How did THIS happen...?
  22. Atheists Need No Marketing Label
  23. Creator fine tunes evolution like a clock?
  24. Philosophy Quote of the Week Discussion: 04FEB07-10FEB07
  25. Does Jesus ever unequivocably say he is God?
  26. Youtube creationism
  27. If you are Buddhist, please respond to the following questions
  28. My agnostic argument
  29. Is Science Hindered by Scientists Limiting the Scope of their Reserach?
  30. Hey friends..
  31. Knowledge
  32. Is teaching kids about hell child abuse?
  33. Evolution...disproves evolution???
  34. Plato and Jesus
  35. Check it out! The earth IS young!
  36. We have Free will!
  37. What is the nature of reality?
  38. What is the evidence for creationism?
  39. Nonexistence Exists!
  40. Aesthetics—I need some help here!
  41. Contributing to the front page
  42. A Critique of Buddhism
  43. To masticate and to swallow
  44. "Refutation of reductive materialism"
  45. Is morality trivial?
  46. Boundary between my knowledge and my ignorance?
  47. Left brain and right brain
  48. An examination of education
  49. What is knowledge? Yet another cliche question...
  50. Heat resistent, cold proof, tireless.
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