Philosophy Theory

Bacon And His Philosophy


The philosophies in the pre-modern ages taught poverty, patience, perseverance, and sacrifice of this transient world for the sake of the next eternal world. This world was to be shunned as an issue of deceit. Love of God was preferred to the love of wealth and this world. The torture of worldly misery was thus mitigated, and also the calamity was attributed to the will of God and was thus taken with patience.

All the givers of revealed religion, excepting perhaps Solomon, lived in poverty and preferred poverty to wealth. The lives of all the great teachers of mankind, e.g Socrates, Budha, Christ and the Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him, serve as the precedent. Bacon’s life on the other had is an example of the worldly pleasure and luxury and engenders hatred for poverty, morality and humility. Epicurus may only be seen to side with Bacon in this. Continue reading

Religious thoughts And Living Philosophy

The Jewish Philosophical and theological world was closely linked to the Arabian intellectual tradition. The writings of Jewish authors were originally written in Arabic. A lot of, later translated to Hebrew and Latin. Beginning with Arabs and Jews philosophers who lived in an Islamic land, namely, Andalusia (Spain) for a long time, the intellect were educated in Arabic language.I studies Muslim, Jewish and Christian philosophers, for example in Islam I was fond of  al-Kindi, al-Ghazali, al-Farabi, Ibn Sina (Avicenna), Ibn Rush (Averroes), In Judaism, Moses Maimonides, and Saadiah Gaon, and in Christianity, Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas. Since I believed that the best human state is to be a philosopher, because wise men of the world are philosophers. They dealt with each question via reason until proved true. For them, reasons of things are gathered from points around them. Continue reading

Facts About Philosophy and Revelation

Philosophy is the item of man’s own imaginative thinking, the aroma of its conjecture. Religion is a divine, presumably, thought.

Both philosophy and religion deal with all aspects of what the human mind can envisage. Both predict a world-view and a universal outlook. Both deal with explanations of what we observe and what we are able to think upon.

Both are theoretical frameworks that do not present proof nor evidence for their proclamation. Both philosophy and religion supply man an insight into things, objects and phenomena. Both call on logic to persuade the mind and the heart to think and accept what they assume.Where philosophy and religion part business is in the origin of the proclamations and premises they proclaim. This origin is man in philosophy and God in revelation. If you do not happen to think in God then you would think about religion as a item of man. Continue reading

What History Says About The Origin Of Philosophy?


According to Oxford Dictionary, history is “the study of past events.” It is important that the citizens of a country have knowledge of the important past events that have taken place in the country. In the same vein every student of philosophy is expected not only to have knowledge of the history of philosophy but a first class knowledge of it, if he or she desires to become an outstanding philosopher. As a division of studies, the History of Philosophy tries to investigate the past of men in their rational venture. According to William Turner the History of Philosophy is “the exposition of philosophical opinions and of systems and schools of philosophy.” Continue reading

Looking For Spiritual Solution? Go For Philosophy Books

It may well have happened to you numerous of the times when you can’t get a clear cut remedy that what is going on in the reality and what is going precisely in your mind. It is a natural thing that in our bigger life we get into the state of confusion that whatever is going in front of eyes is reality or just a myth. You may possibly have faith in some issues but you want to have somebody who can clarify all such type of confusion. In such situation philosophy books can be your very best friend.

Soon after going via Philosophy Books , you can quickly differentiate that where your perspective seems to be appropriate and where your mind is misguiding you. If in any scenario, you see that your mind is not supporting your soul voice then take it a regular thing. Buy a metaphysics philosophy book for individual study as it can resolve your dilemma by telling what are the relationships between your body and mind, materials and accident, happenings and causations and so on. Continue reading

Why Educational Philosophy For Us?

Orhan Seyfi Ari’s deducible educational philosophy on philosophy of education rhymed thus philosophers’ philosophies, educators’, teachers’, educational philosophies’ failures to teach man his difference from wild animals he behaved as:-

Failings in educational philosophy were of educational philosophers, eastern and western thinkers of educational philosophy, teachers, in teaching values in educational philosophies. Continue reading

African Educational Philosophy-Pedagogy Of Sagacity

Should we and can we develop an African philosophy of education?: Pedagogy of Sagacity

In 1986, Njoroge and Bennaars, published Philosophy and education in Africa; an introductory text for students of education. Since the publication of this textbook there has been an intellectual aridity in this area of educational philosophizing in Kenya. This is in spite of the said textbook being merely introductory or prolegomenon. More importantly is the model proposed and formulated in this textbook intended as a conceptual framework for developing an African philosophy of education (1986; 92). This model has remained un-attempted.

My paper will argue in the affirmative while distinguishing should as a non-moral normative imperative and can as a question of ability. While indeed we should develop African philosophy of education this imperative remains unachievable until we have experts with requisite scholarly abilities. Continue reading

Secrets Of Philosophy Eye Cream

The philosophy eye cream is part of the Philosophy Firm which was established to bring goods to clients to inspire them to live a greater life by becoming greater to themselves. It was founded by Cristina Carlino, who happens to be a skin care entrepreneur with over 30 years of knowledge in the skin care industry. The Philosophy Organization was preceded by a medically-based skin care line company named Biomedic.

Looking into the values of the business of the philosophy eye cream, you will find that they think in excellent looking skin.  This is due to the fact they believe that having goods that smell great make you feel very good. Their claim for uniqueness is that their items are formulated with only scientifically-proven and medically-accepted ingredients. The technologies used are stated to be overseen by a contingent of doctors and scientists. They also claim to have cutting-edge internal investigation and development, manufacturing as nicely as distribution. Continue reading

Secrets Of Philosophy

The philosophy eye cream is part of the Philosophy Firm which was established to bring goods to clients to inspire them to live a greater life by becoming greater to themselves.

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Indian Philosophy

From ancient times of history, the Indian subcontinent appears as an attractive habitat for human livelihood. The culture of India has been formed by its old and long history.

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Best Philosophy To Live

Philosophy Of life - fulfilling your destiny.You will understand what life is if you think about the act of dying. When I die, how will I be different from the way I am right now?

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Origin Of Philosophy?

According to Oxford Dictionary, history is “the study of past events.” It is important that the citizens of a country have knowledge of the important past events that have taken place in the country.

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