God Philosophy For Holy Life

Our sense, knowledge of thought and language are able to realize issues. We recognize the names and symbols of God, Allah, Ram, supernatural becoming, etc., according to our faith. Our spirit is beyond the echo from the center of life and is not an object. Pure God is beyond our mind. To comprehend the true philosophy of God, we should go beyond the senses, thoughts and information of the language by any other means of faith with meditation on his name or symbol.

To understand the accurate God, philosophy, practice as follows:

Even though breathing lengthy, deep and relaxed, keep in mind names and symbols of God, Allah, Ram, supernatural being, and so on, depending on your faith and practice to correct the shape of pure God. This will eliminate numerous concerns within the brain. Abandon the waves of hope that is in transition. Living with an individual who is calm is finest location understand God Philosophy. To call pure philosophy of God, renounce selfishness in him. Make hello to respect the faith of opinion in the names and symbols of God, Allah, Ram, and so on. supernatural being, whilst in meditation.

Make constant thought that happiness is incredible and impulsive virtually pure philosophy that God is a supreme serenity. Contemplate pure God continued to care for the physical life of all. In the memory, think the thoughts of an echo of the serenity of the growth of pure God. Consider all the pleasures are the expression of the body of God, Allah, Ram, supernatural becoming. God is pure really like for all and guarantee the spiritual cord is generous with the individual with out ego. Pure God is perfect. It is the support of physical life. On numerous occasions, repeat the names and symbols of God, Allah, Ram, supernatural becoming, and so forth.

To focus on the pleasure of pure philosophy, practice meditation. To focus on the pleasure of pure God, move the spirit into consciousness. Repeat morning in drum-beating of the language of the eternal serenity and sensational. Listen to repeat the pure God makes the ultimate pleasure. . In front of a connoisseur of philosophy of God, the accurate figure of pure God emerges.

Dear friend, the person creating the silent reverence of God consists of pure philosophy. The calm individual is attentive to the fixing of meditation. The name reflected purely impulsive serenity is what gives happiness to his brain. The person whose state of mind is absorbed in the philosophy of God, that person becomes virtuous treasure. This individual Spirited emerges in all the worlds. He lives the life that is the deepest and most natural of all. He is cost-free on arrival and departure of the Incarnation.

The packet of happiness, calmness in the brain and the virtuous powers are the treasures of wealth in him. The wisdom of thought and wisdom of the center are all the folds of supernatural powers in him. . This person is a visionary impartial. The fruits of the execution of his karma appear on the face of this person

It is also said in Scripture, covering the technical aspect of life, which discusses techniques for implementing the philosophy of God and Scripture that deals with the principles of karma. All religions are an indication of the name of an echo of the serenity of God. Devotion is the gateway to the inner calm of the name of God pure .. It contains the words Guru Nanak

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