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Hello ThusSpake,

Originally Posted by ThusSpake
Hello Everyone. I'm so pleased to be here.

Time travel and manipulation has always been a topic of fascination for me. I don't think either is possible. I think that depending on a given person's environment, perhaps the lapse of time or time intervals may be interpreted differently in relation to somewhere else (as in Einstein's theory) but I don't think someone on Earth in 2008 can fast-forward to Earth 2009 or beyond, nor do I think someone on Earth in 2008 can rewind to Earth 2007. However, it is possible for an Earthling to go ahead to 2009 or 2007 on another planet or galaxy. I just can't see how time travel would be possible. I'd be interested to read more thoughts on the topic.
There is a discussion on the topic here:

Lewisian Time Travel

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