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^Interesting. We tend to always give the depressed person and the black person sympathy. I do think it is necessary to do so, though, only because...sure maybe they are making the decision, but maybe they have some good reasons to back that decision. Sometimes it is difficult to not let things bother you. Of course, it is best not to let them bother you, but sometimes we make these decisions without even realizing it.

When someone says the N word to a black, that person will be like "that hurts!" because they think the other person is trying to be mean. When in reality, the person saying the N word could mean no harm by it. They may not be saying it to offend anyone. That causes this misunderstanding between the two. The black person gets mad because he thinks the white person was trying to offend him. Then the white person gets mad because he didn't mean anything by it and says "Geez! That guy's really freaking out over nothing!".

The main reason for conflict is miscommunication. Think about it! How many times have you felt offended by something and got mad? Then the other person gets mad at you and tells you that you're freaking out over something that doesn't really matter. Then later you find out that the person wasn't intending to offend you in the first place. Then you feel all stupid and say "Oh man! What was I thinking?". So, I think a lot of unhappiness between people (conflicts that is) happen because one person thinks the other person means this when they really don't and they get all mad at each other over what turns out to be nothing.
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