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Hello DavidIg,

Originally Posted by DavidIg
It's your choice Lomax, do or don', it's optional......remember, you're not the cause of poverty.
Certainly. I would assume that I am also not the cause of the drowning girl.

Originally Posted by DavidIg
i)....I don't know what I can do to eliminate poverty as DavidIg.
ii) can DavidIg eliminate poverty in any country.
iii)...unlikely, but it's my choice to live or die.
iv)..unlikely, but it's my choice to live or die.
i) Do you do what you can to reduce poverty?
ii) Do you do what you can to reduce poverty in those countries whose economies are not surpressed by malevolent dictators?

"War does not determine who is right, only who is left" - Bertrand Russell

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