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September 24th, 09:45 PM   #11
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Greetings, Baldron.

Originally Posted by Baldron
Can we get rid of the members with posts of zero?
I just looked through the members list and found that there are about 120 or so members with zero posts. This inflates the member count. I understand that we have an active member number as well, but 120 members with zero posts is a lot when total member count is 351. That is roughly 34% of the members.

Down to 31%
This is an update (if my calculations are not wrong):
1. From 524 members, only 358 have at least one post: 68.32%, which gives us a 31.68% of members with 0 posts.
2. From 358 members that have at least one post, 89 have only one post: 24.86%
3. From 524 members, 89 have only one post: 16.98%
4. From 524 members, the number of members that have 0 posts and a last visit before July is 138: 26.33%
5. From 524 members, the number of members with posts < 2 and a last visit before July is 209: 39.88%

M. Manzano
"No le pregunta el manzano al haya cómo crecer"
W. Blake
November 12th, 02:54 PM   #12
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I think you'll find most forums have around 1/3 of members with a 0 post count. Is there really any need to delete them? Surely it doesn't cost that much in terms of webspace since its only records in a database. Also it could encourage more to join as it makes the site look more popular.

I think a better idea than removing all the members with 0 posts would be to send out a newsletter to all members. Clearly the members are interested in philosophy or else they wouldn't have registered. So by reminding them of the forum they might be more encouraged to return and post.

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